13 Must Have Items for your RV Bath

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Anyone that has used an RV bathroom knows that it’s a much different experience than using a regular bathroom.

You’ve got to maximize space, conserve water, and get creative with accessibility.

Oh, and don’t forget that you need to be able to quickly pack and unpack everything every time you travel to a new campsite!

Our first RV had a very small pass-through bathroom, with a shower just big enough to barely stand-in.

The sink was too small to even wash your face.

And the tanks – well, they always fill up way too fast.

We’ve since upgraded to a much nicer set-up, but still continue to use our favorite items from our early days to help save space, time, and tank space.

Here are a few of our top finds for improving your RV bathroom experience:

Shower Squeegee

This squeegee works great for cleaning both the glass shower door and the shower walls.

We keep the squeegee in the shower at all times.

After the last shower of the night, a few quick passes with this tool keep the shower clean and streak-free.

The squeegee also works great on our mirrored closet doors in the bedroom.


Tension Rod for Drying Towels

Storing towels in an RV is one thing.

Finding places to dry wet towels is a whole other problem.

Tension rods are a great way to have portable storage in the bathroom.

RV rooms are small, with lots of short wall spans to insert tension rods as a long term solution, or a short term fix.


Space-saving Hair Dryers

Having a hair dryer in the RV is an essential for us.

The compact dryers don’t always work well unless you want to spend a lot of money.

Two options that work well are dryers with a retractable cord and dryers that fold in half for easy storage.

Retractable Cord Hair Dryer

The retractable cord model makes it easy to grab and easy to stow.


Folding Hair Dryer

The collapsible model works well when storage is tight – in a drawer, or inside of the plastic storage bins that many RVers use.


Shower Water Savers

Taking a proper shower in an RV requires compromise.

Even the most spacious, high-end RVs need to play by the rules dictated by gray tank capacity, city water pressure, and hot water availability.

High Flow Showerhead


Having a high flow showerhead helps to efficiently deliver water that is good for rinsing without high gallon usage.

Even more important than a good shower head in an RV is the ability to manage the flow of water throughout the shower.

Having the ability to slow down water delivery without losing that perfect water temperature is key.

Adding a simple valve to your shower hose allows you to do just that.

Shower Thumb Valve

Open the valve when rinsing and adjust it to a trickle while you lather up and still want just enough water to keep you comfortable.



Space-saving Turkish Towels

Turkish towels are a game changer.

They are lightweight, quick-drying, repel sand, and take up much less space than traditional towels.

They are a great option if you are tight on bathroom storage.

Give them a try in the bathroom, at the pool, lake, or ocean.

(They also make cute lightweight curtains!)


Squeezable Toiletry Bottles

These cute containers work great in our RV bath.

They’re soft-sided and sized just right to hold shampoo and body wash.

The cap has a rotating label to remind you of what’s inside.

No worries about dropping these guys either.

They travel well and won’t cause damage when things get slippery in the shower – perfect for adults and kids alike.


RV Size Shower Organizer

This is the cutest shower organizer.

We use this in the RV and at home for extra storage.

The narrow width keeps bottles upright for easy access.

The various depth pockets also help to keep razors and bars of soap stable and easy to grab.

The caddy can be mounted using traditional shower hooks or a velcro loop over the curtain rod.

This organizer would also be great in a closet for hats and gloves or other small items.


Flip-top Stackable Storage Bins

These bins work great anywhere you need extra storage in the RV.

They’re the perfect size for cosmetics, toiletries, and first aid items.

They stack nicely and have lips on the lids to prevent sliding during travel.

We use these in the kitchen and bathroom.

Add a cute label on the side for an extra organized solution.


Multi-compartment Organizer

This makeup brush caddy pulls double duty as the perfect place for small bathroom items.

Toothpaste, toothbrushes, cotton swabs, and mascara all stay neatly in place.

Tweezers and nail clippers can hang on the sides.

The best part, the whole organizer fits perfectly inside of our wall mounted RV medicine cabinet.

This also works great for pens, pencils, and markers and small kitchen utensils.


Upscale Stick-on Hooks

These hooks take our favorite little strips and add a level of class.

We use these hooks everywhere in the RV.

They are pricey, but well worth purchasing a few at a time to add a built in look to your RV.

The traditional white plastic hooks work just fine, but if you’d like a higher end look these are the way to go.


The BEST Bath Wipes

Last, but not least, are these bath sheets.

They’re perfect to keep on hand in the RV bathroom for times that you really want to (or need to!) conserve water.

They’re strong, smell great, and don’t leave any sticky residue.

One wipe is enough for one person to get a quick refresh in between real showers.

We also keep these handy for after dusty motorcycle rides and other quick clean-ups.


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And there you have it – our current list of favorite RV bath items.

Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration, ideas, and a few of your own new favorites!


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