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Custer State Park Wildlife Loop

As the name implies, this loop is the most popular place to check out the wildlife in Custer State Park.

The wildlife loop is an 18-mile ride through open grasslands and wooded hills.

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Keep an eye out for the locals!

Allow yourself an hour or two to make your way through this area, since the location of the buffalo herds will dictate the speed at which you can complete the loop.

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Pronghorn in South Dakota

You’ll have chances to spot buffalo, coyote, whitetail, pronghorn, prairie dogs, and more as you wind through the hills of the park.

This ride is the perfect add-on to Needles Highway and Iron Mountain Road.

You can easily take a full day to explore Custer State Park.

Buffalo (Bison) herds often frequent the Wildlife Loop
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Pronghorn deer

Bring plenty of sunscreen and water if you’re on a motorcycle.

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