Step Back in Time at this Must-Visit Sturgis Stop

Welcome to Aladdin, WY. Population 15.

Traveling out west is the best way to catch a glimpse into what America used to be like.

The wild west.

The good old days.

A simpler life, in a much smaller world.

There are few places left that allow you to walk into the past, and when you find yourself in a place to experience one for yourself, you must do it.

Aladdin General Store is one of those places.

You never know what you’ll find around the corner.

The Store

Aladdin General Store has been serving the area for over a century,

But this store is more than just a store.

It’s a General Store.

It’s an Antique Shop.

A Post Office.

And a Bar.

This is the best kind of superstore – no mass marketing, no crowds, no big sales.

It’s the kind where you walk in and wait for the store to tell you what you need to buy.

The first floor has t-shirts, beef jerky, souvenirs, toiletries, snacks.

You can’t miss the old school candy counter with lots of sweets lined up behind glass.

You’ll find ammo, tobacco, antlers, and anything else a modern-day cowboy might need to pick up in his travels.

The candy counter.

Find your way to the back of the store and venture up the old wooden stairs – past animal pelts and hides – to uncover rooms of antiques and collectibles.

Even the stairwell holds rustic treasures.
If these walls could talk…

Take your time, soak in the history, and enjoy the walk down memory lane.

There’s even an old switchboard hidden in one of the rooms.

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The Bar

Entering the bar from the main store.

It wouldn’t be a true western one-stop-shop without a proper saloon.

The bar is an extension of the main store.

Two barstools can be seen from the entrance – that was the entire original bar before the addition was added.

The Aladdin Bar.

Even if you’re not a drinker, take some time to have a seat and soak up the history.

We probably could have sat in this room all night.

The best advice we can give when visiting Aladdin?

Always, always, always talk to the locals.

They’ve got generations worth of knowledge about their small town.

And they’re often more than happy to share it with you.

The walls can’t talk, but the locals can.

The safe inside the bar – Be sure to ask a local how it got there.

Aladdin General Store is located in Aladdin, Wyoming.

The store is located on Highway 24, between Hulett, WY and Sturgis, SD.

The store is a high-traffic stop during the Sturgis rally – for good reason!

There are no shortage of interesting artifacts at the store, both indoors and out.
Even the modern-day event signs pay tribute to days gone by.

Aladdin General Store is a unique place to visit, in a historic small town.

If you’re visiting Sturgis, the Black Hills, or Devils Tower, be sure to take a trip up Highway 24 to see it for yourself.

You’ll be glad you did.

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