Sturgis Virgin? Ladies, Here are 10 Items you Might Forget to Pack

The most common advice when packing for Sturgis is to dress in layers for the ever-changing temperatures and to have your rain gear ready at all times.

These are both great tips, but there are some smaller items that you may not realize you need until you’re out on the bike miles away from a store,

Here are 10 items I didn’t consider packing when we planned our first trip to the rally.


Mack’s Ultra Soft Earplugs:

The rally can be loud.

No matter where you stay, there will be lots of people, music, and of course motorcycles.

These are all great, until the time you want to crash and get some rest – especially for those of us that aren’t 25 anymore…

We didn’t use earplugs every night, but they’re great to have on hand for grabbing a mid-day nap or drowning out the background noise of an annoying neighbor in the campground after dark.

If you’re of the mindset that you can sleep when you’re dead – more power to you.

For the rest of us, earplugs to the rescue.

Electrolyte Powder

Redmond Re-Lyte (Mixed Berry):

No matter how you spend your time at the rally, you’re going to need to stay hydrated.

Maybe you drank a little too much at a bar on Lazelle.

Maybe you spent a few hours riding through the Badlands.

Maybe you got stuck in a ton of stop-and-go traffic and the August sun cooked you on the bike.

Doesn’t matter what happened, you want to be prepared to rehydrate and keep your energy up for tomorrow’s rally adventures.

Electrolyte packets are perfect to throw on the bike and mix with a bottle of water at a roadside tent.

They’re also a pretty amazing cure for a hangover.

Pedialyte Powder Packs:

If you’d rather save your liquid diet for the beer and shots, grab some hydration capsules for similar benefit, minus the water.

Redmond Re-Lyte Hydration Support Capsules:

Portable Toilet Wipes

Stall Mates Portable Wipes:

Ladies, trust me, you will use these daily.

There are no shortages of portable bathrooms at the rally.

During rally the Black Hills is crowded and they do a great job of having enough facilities.

But just because there’s a toilet doesn’t mean there’s toilet paper.

Keep a few of these in your bag at all times – the lady in the next stall will thank you too.

Belt Bag

Clip-on Belt Loop Bag:

Keep essentials handy by having a bag that attaches to your jeans or waist.

You’ll be on and off the bike at stops throughout the day.

Wearing a belt bag will keep you prepared and simplify your stops.

(P.S. – don’t forget to throw those wipes mentioned above in there)

Hair Detangler

The Best Detangling Brush:

Y’all, don’t mess around with knotty hair.

No matter well you tie your hair back, it’s going to get whipped around on those black hills.

Make sure you wrap, braid, tie, cover as much as you can when you’re riding around the rally.

But also make sure you’ve got a great brush, some detangling spray, and quality conditioner.

Rally time is precious, don’t waste it fighting tangled up knots.

Leave-in Conditioner:


forest, lake, reflection-5485654.jpg

Extra Contact Lenses

Hydration Drops:

The hills can be dusty.

If you’re like us, and not local to the Black Hills, the dry August heat and pollen can really mess with your eyes.

In 2021, there was also wildfire smoke in the air adding to the irritants.

If you wear contacts, throw a spare pair on the bike.

You’ll be tired enough from long, hot rides and late nights.

Do yourself a favor and grab some hydrating drops and fresh lenses to keep your eyes feeling their best.

Phone Holder

Cell Phone Finger Ring:

If you’re a passenger, you’ll be wanting to grab pictures and videos all day long.

Make sure you’re equipped to be holding your phone securely with one hand.

Phone Lanyard:

Grab a finger loop, wristlet, or lanyard to easily and safely access your phone.

No one wants to risk losing or damaging a phone on a ride.

Grab some awesome shots – they’re around every corner in the Black Hills.

Travel Size Sunscreen

Travel Size Sunscreen:

No one wants to overload their bike with too many extras.

But no one wants to fry their skin either.

August in the hills can be cold at night and blistering during the day.

You’ll be riding through a scenic area the size of the state of Delaware and a quick ride can easily turn into a full day in the sun before you know it.

Take extra caution in the Badlands.

Lotion up, and drink lots of fluids if you venture out there – it’s basically a beautiful desert that definitely lives up to its name.

The Sturgis rally is an amazing experience.

Prepare like you would for any other rally or long day out of the bike, but add in a few of these small items to make your trip a little more comfortable.

Enjoy the ride!

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1 thought on “Sturgis Virgin? Ladies, Here are 10 Items you Might Forget to Pack”

  1. The trip in the sun to Sturgis will burn you to a crisp. Sunscreen has to be reapplied every 2 hours, UV Protective Clothing will shade you all day long. It gets real hot getting there so Breathable Fabric is best. Most Important, Look for 50+ UPF Rating, The Wally World or Amazon bargain UV Shirts are not high quality. A cheap shirt will burn right through. CruzInShade has Premium Rider Wear UV Protective Clothing to get you to Sturgis without skin blisters and keep you cool and dry.

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