Take a Tour of Montana’s Secret Underground Town

There are small towns across the United States that are filled with vivid history.

Havre, Montana is no exception.

What makes Havre unique, however, is the way that they have preserved and showcased that history for others to experience:


A Lesson in Spontaniety

Living in Pennsylvania, we never expected to travel across the north side of Montana.

Even two weeks prior to our road trip to Glacier and Yellowstone, visiting Havre was not in our plans.

We were planning to stop in Red Lodge, Montana to ride Beartooth Highway on the way to Glacier.

However, when record flooding washed away the highway 7 days before our trip in June 2022, Mother Nature forced us to get creative.

We realized we wouldn’t make it to Red Lodge and had a few days to explore ahead of our Glacier reservations, so Havre joined our itinerary.

Why Havre?

A few months prior to our road trip, we crossed paths with another couple at the Hershey RV Show.

They had just returned from a cross country road trip where they visited an underground town.

They raved about the tour and the history of Havre and we loved hearing their stories.

We don’t know their names, but their story stuck with us.

Our road trip took us from Pennsylvania to our first stop in Havre by way of North Dakota and Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

We settled in at Hansen Family Campground just outside town and called ahead to book our underground tour tickets.


The History of Havre

Havre’s location in northern Montana deals with some frigid temperatures in the darkness of winter.

During the winter of 1904, a fire destroyed Havre’s local businesses.

Out of necessity, the business owners moved their operations underground until the spring thaw would allow them to rebuild.

They creatively transformed their basements into a town of its own, creating doorways and tunnels to allow their livelihoods to serve the community from beneath the streets.

The Underground Tour

Havre Beneath the Streets is located in the heart of downtown with easy access to parking.

Check-in for the tour is located in the Havre Railroad Museum, making this a two for one stop.

The railroad museum is small but filled with lots of old artifacts that any train enthusiast would love to browse through.

Enjoy the Havre Railroad Museum before you tour the underground town.

explorING Havre Underground

Our tour guide was a local retired schoolteacher with a passion for sharing her towns history.

She painted vivid pictures of days gone by with her humor and knowledge as she guided us through the maze of stone walls and hallways.

The tour consisted of numerous rooms, each serving its own distinct function to serve the townspeople of the day.

The Saloon

Notice the metal guards on the poker table.

These protected the tables from cigar and cigarette burns.

The Brothel

Note the number ‘4’ on the wall.

The brothel consisted of at least twenty numbered stalls, divided by curtains.

The stalls were about 4 feet apart.

The Bakery

Note the oven in the wall.

The oven was already located underground prior to the fire.

Drug Store

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Barber Shop


Butcher Shop

Opium Den

Multiple opium dens have been documented under the streets of Havre.

This area is rumored to be haunted.

Visiting HAVRE, Montana

Downtown Havre is a typical small town in Montana, with easy access to the railroad and a state highway.

Havre Beneath the Streets is located in downtown Havre, Montana off Highway 2.

This northern Montana attraction lies 30 miles south of the Canada border.

Highway 2 extends across the top of Montana, which is off the beaten path for many travelers, but can connect you with the beauty of East Glacier at the far end of the state.

Bringing the Tour to You

Thinking back on the couple we met briefly in Hershey, PA….

Isn’t it cool how a chance encounter can plant a seed that can point you in a direction that you’d never imagine?

Those chance encounters can open up new opportunities for memories and stories that last a lifetime.

They shared their story with us, and now we’re able to extend that story to you.

Most people will never get to visit Havre, Montana.

But the beauty of these virtual tours is that the story of Havre can come to you.

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